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So - you've never bowled before  - read on!
Why would you ever want to play bowls -  its an old person's game right?


Nothing could be further from the truth.  Bowls has all the elements of competitive sports - skill - aggression - challenge but above all friendship.  Once you start - we think that you will find  bowls absorbing - exciting and - let's be honest - obsessive.

During your first five years bowling you will be graded as a junior or Under 5 player.  These are your learning years  -  make the most of them

CLUB DAYS - Every Wednesday during the season - weather permitting - we have Club Days or Mini Tournaments .  Come along - this is where you learn the most.   It is the best way to meet fellow bowlers and learn tips and tricks to help your bowls.  You will play alongside some very experienced bowlers who have alot to share and like nothing better than to help a new bowler in the game they love.  This is where you learn the terminology peculiar to  the Bowling Community and many of the rules of the game.

COACHING  - We are very privileged to have two talented coaches in the Tokoroa Bowling Club.  They are willing to assist anybody who need help with their game.  If a coaching session is offered - make sure you attend.  Even the top bowlers call on their coach for help.

PRACTICE - The old adage "practice makes perfect" is never truer than when you play sport.  If you have a spare 30 minutes - pop down to the greens and have a roll up.  Talk with one of the coaches who will suggest practice exercises to improve your game.   Unless there is a tournament scheduled, there is usually a green available to practice on - and often you will meet other bowlers down there doing just that. Mats and jacks are available from the large green box on the side of the clubrooms.  

CHAMPIONSHIPS - The one competition that is an absolute must for every single new bowler is the First Year Singles Champs.  We join with Arapuni and Putaruru once a year for a light hearted competition - no strain - no pain - just a lot of good hearted fun.  

You can also enter the Under 5 Singles and Pairs competition where you will improve each season - building on your experience as your "draw game" becomes more and more consistent.  It also gives you a better appreciation of tactics and you will stun yourself at the amount of impossible shots you can pull off.  The thrill is indescribable.  

There is also the thrill of playing for the Waikato centre as an Under 5 player.  You will visit other clubs in other regions and play against a much wider range of players - all good to improving your game.

Handicap Singles and Pairs is another fun competition for you to enter.  As a new player, you always start off on a good handicap so you will have a great advantage when playing against the more experienced players.

Don't wait to be invited into a team - let it be known that you are keen to play - put your name down on entry forms - it won't be long before others are hunting you out.

As a Year 1 player, your initial position on a team will be lead - this is a very very important position.  Your coach will outline the role of the lead and the do's and don'ts as well as giving you training  exercises to help you improve.

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