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How to join the Tokoroa Bowling Club

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So you would like to become a member of the Tokoroa Bowling Club - FANTASTIC !!!!!

First and foremost - you must be a member of the Tokoroa Club.  Until you are - we cannot accept you as a fellow Bowling Club member.  However - you are welcome to play as a guest until your Tokoroa Club membership is approved.

Secondly - download the membership form by clicking on the image to your left - it is a PDF so should suit most computers.  It is a two page document - and both sides will need to be completed.  (Don't have a computer?  No problem - you can pick up a hard copy at the Clubrooms)  Make sure that your membership is proposed and seconded by two FULL PLAYING members.

Then just hand your application form in together with your membership fee (Yes it can be paid on line - Bank Account number is below).  During the season someone will be down at the Clubrooms most Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Barring any impediments,  your application will be confirmed at the next monthly Board Meeting.  (If you can't find anyone to hand your application to - put it into an envelope, pop into the Tokoroa Club and put it in the Outdoor Bowls Pigeon Hole which is next to the Bar - PLEASE don't include any cash or just hand it to the Bar Staff)  


Not a member of Tokoroa Club?  Click on the image to the left and download the Tokoroa Club Membership Application Form  - you will need a sponsor and seconder - hey use the same ones you are going to use to join the Bowling Club - then hand it in to the Main Club bar together with $20.00.

They consider new members once a month - once you have been confirmed and receive your new membership card - complete with Membership Number you can then proceed with your Bowling Club application.

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